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The digital transformation guide for training companies: measuring performance

The last topic addressed in this series of articles dedicated to the Digital Transformation Guide (Guide de la Transformation Digitale) by Vincent Ducrey and Emmanuel Vivier looks at performance measurement. As we have seen in previous articles, embarking on the digital transformation of your training company is no simple feat! You need to establish hypotheses […]
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The digital transformation guide for training companies: rethinking the client experience thanks to digital marketing.

Marketing and communications have evolved with the emergence of the Internet and social media. It is now possible to conduct impactful campaigns targeting potential clients for a lot less money. Basically, it is much easier now to listen to your clients. In large companies, for example, the arrival of ‘social listening’ or ‘social rooms’ enable […]
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The Digital Transformation Guide: the hidden power of data.

Data management is a major factor in companies’ digital transformation. With the increase in the volume of data and in the storage and processing capacity of software, new development opportunities are emerging. These make it possible to target new clients, secure the loyalty of your current client base and improve the quality of your services! […]
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The Digital Transformation Guide for training companies: adopt new technology!

Today, we are going to look at a practical aspect of a company’s digital transformation: technology. Based on the guide, I have identified the major technological trends that are transforming how companies operate and their relations with their customers. I have then tried to apply these recommended practices for startups to training organizations. The aim […]
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The Digital Transformation Guide for training companies: how to get team members on board

  After having discussed the importance of having a digital transformation strategy and the first actions to take to implement it, the third part of the Digital Transformation Guide addresses internal communications. Digitalizing your company is a group effort! It is not enough simply to impose software or new processes on your team members; you […]
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The digital transformation guide for training companies: building your digitalization strategy

In this second part of our review of the Digital Transformation Guide (Guide de la Transformation Digitale), we will examine the major areas of digital transformation within companies. The first chapter of the book focuses on ‘leadership & management’ and looks in particular at the approach of a decision-maker, often a branch director or manager […]
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The guide to digital transformation for training companies: the challenges

  Digital transformation is a major work in progress! Everyone is concerned, from the biggest corporations to the smallest trades and crafts. Training organizations are no exception. No digital transformation manual currently exists for training organizations : the scant books, texts and case studies on offer only target large enterprises. To help training companies better […]
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How to make a video for an e-learning course?

Digitalizing your business means being able to produce more using fewer resources, and e-learning is part of this trend. For many trainers, embarking on e-learning is an opportunity to design a comprehensive course using only a smartphone and a few pieces of software. These courses are cheap to produce and can be distributed (and sold!) […]
, E-learning

Five obstacles to avoid when starting out in e-learning

There a various ways of creating an e-learning course but the same mistakes tend to crop up again and again. In this article, we have drawn up a list of the 5 most common mistakes made by beginners in e-learning and offer some practical advice for avoiding them! Mistake no. 1: Transposing your face-to-face course […]
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Creating your first newsletter: keep in touch with your trainees!

Forging trainee loyalty is really important for training companies: although a trainee generally signs up for a one-off course, they could in reality take advantage of the entire training catalogue! Newsletters enable you to send regular, quality emails to a database of contacts: a way of building a lasting relationship with your trainees after their […]
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