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10 reasons for using email marketing software

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Email marketing campaigns are essential for a comprehensive and effective web marketing strategy. For marketers, they are a powerful tool for engaging and securing the loyalty of prospects. Although they can produce exceptional results, they can prove disappointing if you lack the right tools and do not organize and segment your e-shots correctly. Forget your standard email account! Specialized software is available to help you create, manage and optimize your campaigns.

#1 Save time by using email marketing software

Sending an email to several hundred recipients can prove very time-consuming if you use your own email account. In fact, if you send more than 500 emails in a single day, you run the risk of having your email account blocked and suspended. A dedicated email marketing solution will let you import lists containing thousands of contacts and segment them according to your goals.

#2 Optimize the deliverability of your emails

If you use a standard email account to send your emails, you run the risk of them never reaching their recipients. In fact, newsletters can easily get lost and never reach the recipient or end up in the spam folder. With email marketing software, you can know the deliverability rate of your campaigns and therefore the actual reach of your e-shot.

#3 Create tailored email marketing campaigns

Email marketing software enables you to set up different campaigns depending on your target. You can, for example, target your existing clients in an initial campaign and a list of miscellaneous prospects in a second campaign. By configuring the target, the sending time and other settings, you can create campaigns in line with your marketing strategy.

4# Personalize your email marketing campaigns

Is your contacts database qualified and do you have enough information to personalize your campaigns? If you answered yes to this question, it means you have everything to gain from using email marketing software! Contrary to a standard email account, these tools enable you to add dynamic fields to your content. These can be used to adapt the content of your emails to your target. Adding the first name of the prospect to the subject or content of the email, for example, significantly improves a campaign’s results.

5# Responsive email design

By using a standard email account, you risk being quickly limited in how you create your emails, particularly if you have to use your company’s graphic identity. Email marketing solutions automatically resize your images and optimize how they are displayed on any device. Remember that nowadays, more than half of emails are viewed on a mobile device. Hence the importance of your email being responsively designed to adapt to any type of screen.

#6 Create email marketing templates

The email creation stage takes time and must not be neglected, at the risk of seeing the result of your campaign crumble. By using professional software, you can create templates (or models) that you can use again and again for your other campaigns. You thus save valuable time, as all you need to do is duplicate the emails you create and change the content.

#7 Compile a detailed database for your email campaigns

While your email account lets you know whether you have already contacted a particular contact, it does not provide any information about the recipient’s behaviour in reaction to your email. Software publishers integrate a database that provides you with a separate sheet for each client indicating the number of times they have been contacted, on what dates, which emails they opened, how many times they clicked, etc., all of which is valuable information for refining the targeting of your future campaigns.

# 8 Create campaign scenarios with marketing automation

Sending the right content to the right person at the right time is the key challenge when running a campaign. It is difficult to put in place an effective strategy when you have no data, as is the case if you use a standard email account. Some email marketing software offers the possibility of setting up automated campaigns based on scenarios that you create. A particular action by a prospect (such as visiting a page, completing a form, adding a product to a basket, etc.) can trigger the sending of an appropriate email to that particular user.

#9 Benefit from a precise analytical tool

How can you optimize your campaigns without knowing the open rate of your emails, the number of clicks or the number of conversions generated? Email marketing publishers give you access to all such information, enabling you to better understand your target and improve your future campaigns. The unsubscribe rate and reading time constitute further information to help you assess the targeting and relevance of your campaign.

#10 Guaranteed return on investment

Using your standard email account to send mass emails is both a low-cost and an attractive solution. In order to cultivate your online reputation and grow your business, however, it is vital that you know your clients and send them relevant content. By opting for a professional tool, you have access to the necessary data to set up profitable campaigns and achieve your goals!

To sum up, sending several dozens or hundreds of emails to your client using a standard email account is an error that can prove costly if your email address is blacklisted. Using an email marketing tool is recommended for sending the same email for upwards of 100 recipients (see the Gmail or Outlook recommendations, for example).


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