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4 gamestorming games to liven up your training

Have you used the opening games to start your session or come up with your own approach? Now you can discover 4 new games to use throughout your sessions. These games, taken from ‘Gamestorming’ by Dave Gray, Sunni Brown and James Macanufo, will give you some pointers during your exploring phase. Happy training! Situating knowledge […]
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How to estimate and optimise your e-learning training budget?

Provide training and make some money: isn’t this what everyone wants from their training offer? Blended learning and e-learning courses have overtaken classroom-based learning since 2022 in this respect, as they have the advantage of reducing costs. In the world of online training, estimating and optimising your budget may seem an arduous task. Don’t panic! […]
E-learning trends - Digiformag
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E-learning trends

After the disruptions caused by the global pandemic in 2020, the training world has gradually adapted and been able to create new learning spaces. The number of distance courses has grown and new ways of learning have emerged. What is the situation today? What can we hope to see in the year to come?
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Have you heard of the bundle principle?

What does it mean? It is a technique combining training and marketing. Above all, it targets freelance trainers and people offering training but who are not (yet) certified. Discover an effective launchpad, both low-cost and easy to use: the bundle. What is a bundle? The principle of a bundle is quite simple: several professionals get […]
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Evaluation in e-learning is evolving: what are the new trends?

All trainers agree that evaluation in training is essential. However, many fear doing it and, above all, changing it. The evaluation can leave a poor lasting impression of your training if it is incomplete, under-used and not sufficiently relevant. After taking a critical but constructive look at your current practices, browse the suggestions below to […]
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How to innovate in distance training?

Innovation in e-learning is appealing to help you remain competitive, but where to start? Above all, it is important to avoid certain pitfalls and focus on the essential. Here we reveal all the keys to success. There are many reasons to innovate in distance training, particularly in the context of the current crisis. The supply […]
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Adaptive learning: the future of training?

Adaptive learning has been a topic of interest in recent years and even more so with the crisis. Could this tool, which makes it possible to provide a personalized course, be the future?  What you need to know: advantages and limitations for training organizations. Adaptive learning has become a real buzzword! With the Covid-19 pandemic, […]
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Focus on e-mentoring

The emergence of e-learning has not only brought about changes to the pace and materials used in training, but also profound changes in the players involved. Nowadays, the teacher or trainer is also an IT expert, video producer, screenwriter or designer. While their role has significantly changed, this has been accompanied by the emergence of […]
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Everything you need to know about e-learning

After correspondence courses and digital learning, the online learning experience has now reached new heights with e-learning. Lower costs and the democratization of content now enables it to benefit companies. But what makes e-learning so attractive? What exactly is an e-learning course? Here we take a look back at the history, the benefits and the […]
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Optimize the success of the launch of your e-learning course

Imagine the following situation: you have an idea for a training course, want to create a digital course and have had a revelation concerning a topic. You don’t know, however, whether this new offer will be popular, if your idea is sound or if it will be profitable enough. You hesitate, talk about it with […]


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